Gallic Talisman (Soldier +170,lvl 55)


Scout I

Scout II

Scout III

Scout IV

Deiotarus *Greek Fire* TAC NO DROP

Artzruni *Infantry* RS Piercing      NO DROP

Vanguard I

Vanguard II

Vanguard III

Vanguard IV

Erato * Light Cav* RS Circuitry (Armor of Rhodes: Purple ; +81 Defense,lvl 59 equip +4 Soldiers)

Artavasdes * Heavy Infantry * RS Sacrifice NO DROP

Main Force I

Main Force II

Main Force III

Hidarnes * Slinger * RS Circuitry (Egyptian Vestment: Purple ; lvl 80 equip)

Sohemus * Armored Elephants * RS Sweep (Bow of Hush: Orange; lvl 85 equip)

Arsames * Cateran * RS Sweep (Breastplate of Honor: Orange; lvl 72 equip)

Artaxias * Lance Cav * RS Anger (Recruitable)

Armenian Legions (4 min, 8 max; 900 exploits; 8 enemies; chance of rare item drop: skullcrusher ; off 128 ; lvl 72)

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