This page covers the different Arrays. Arrays are upgradable from the 'Technology' tab in the university. You can place your heroes inside them in the 'Array' tab. Each array has a different ability that will augment your soldiers when in battle. The effects are listed below.

In the 'Array' tab you select your hero then the array type and then the position in the array. One common mistake for new players when changing array types is to not hit the default button. The default button is found on the lower right in an unselected array and must be pressed before it will be used in battle.

When attacked the attacker gains prestige (even if unsuccesfull, depending on level differences, troops involved and wanted level). This however is significantly lowered when the array in use contains no heroes. Troops losses then also are zero. No penalty is given for having no troops in default array.

Amount of heroes which can be used in battle.Edit

In order to increase the amount of heroes in your array you must complete certain requirements:

Amount of heroes useable in combat
Recruitable heroes University level Array level Prestige (noble rank)
Three heroes 10 2 No prestige required
Four heroes 25 4 100 (Signifier noble rank)
Five heroes 50

10(Max 5 heroes in array)

15,000 (4th Centurion noble rank)
Six heroes - - 70,000 (7th Tribuni noble rank)
Seven heroes - - 190,000 (Tribunus Laticlavius noble rank)

Eight heroes

- -

420,000 (3rd Praefectus noble rank)

Types or arraysEdit

Types or arrays
Criss-Cross Array "Hero's Block boosts with each upgrade."
"Lv 2 Criss-cross Array can contain 3 heroes."
This is the first array. It's upgradable when you get a University.

Criss Cross array

W-shaped Array "Hero's damage boost with each upgrade of this tech."

W shape array

T-Shaped Array "Damaged caused by the Hero with a Rage Skill boosts with each uprade."

T shape array

P-Shaped Array "Impact of Critical Hit boosts with each upgrade of this tech."

P shape array

A-Shaped Array "Hero's Miss power boosts with each upgrade of this tech."

A shape array

S-Shaped Array "Damage caused by the Tactical Units increases with each upgrade."

S shape array

X-Shaped Array "Defense against the rival RS heroes boosts with each upgrade of this tech."

X shape array

V-Shaped Array "Hero's defense boosts with each upgrade of this tech."

V shape array