• Crusader1265

    i'm scipii and just got the herp marius, i was always told that the weapon on the hero didn't matter, except for what typr of damage it, like rings were tac only and bows and swords were interchangeable. Someone came along and said that Marius needs a bow and i've never heard that before, he said that it hinted towards it in the summary. I already have a level 49 ripper for him and if what he said was true that'd mean i'd need to upgrade to the barrage, but i was also always told that you should never upgrade to the same color, and i've told many the same and the reasons for it, since silver lost doesn't make up for stat gained. Would anyone know a bow would work better on Marius?

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  • Crusader1265


    April 27, 2012 by Crusader1265

    This is a lot easier than creating pages from scratch using HTML code and CSS. Hoping I can clear Italy and Thrace soon so that I can insert anything missing on those pages.

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  • WikiPim

    Landed on a new wiki

    September 3, 2011 by WikiPim

    Hi guys and girls,

    I landed on this wiki as i had become bored with the previous game i played: Swords and Potions. But since i got admin at the wiki about that and lifted it to some heights, i thought i might as well add some of my knowledge to this wiki. Who knows what great info can be added here too.

    That said, i see that this wiki currently has 47 pages and i have taken the time to add some info to that already.

    I also found that quite a number of things are not very clear in this game. So it might very well be that the wiki will expand and become a great asset as it has become in S&P.

    Since i am fairly new at Senatry, it's likely that i get to learn a lot along the way. That means quite a few things will be added by me in the upcoming ti…

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