Builders help you upgrade the buildings in your city. You start with 2 builders, and can purchase more with Gold.

Each builder has a maximum cooldown of 4 hours, which will allow you to upgrade your buildings quickly at first. However, each build makes the workers more tired, and higher level buildings take longer to build. Eventually, just a single building will use up the entire cooldown!

At the beginning of each day, the builders' fatigue will reset, reducing the build times back to normal levels. It is reccomended that you start long builds at night, so they will be finished by the next day.

Builders requirements
Builder Gold VIP Level
1 None None
2 None None
3 50 gold None
4 100 gold VIP 1
5 200 gold VIP 4
6 500 gold VIP 5
7 1000 gold VIP 6
8 5000 gold VIP 9