There are quite a number of different heroes inside the game of Senatry.

Beside the NPC bosses which you can recruit among which are some very famous figures, there is also the option to recruit family granted heroes. Family heroes only come after you gain certain levels of prestige within that family. Choose wisely, because once chosen, you can't leave a family and the account cannot be reset.

With heroes, you also get special units they command. Those units, their strengths and weaknesses are categorized on this page. Those hero units also have special skills and certain types also have rage skills.

There are multiple types of hero units:

Rage Skill (RS) Heroes with rage skills
Engine Onagers, Scorpions, Siege Towers, Ballistas
Tactical Greek Fire, Venom, Sappers, Rolling Stones
Support Medical units, Harpers, Priests, Priestesses, Raging Bulls

Would you help expanding the list of the hero units?

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