Beside the areas the game also consist of a world map (actually mostly the current continent of Europe, part of Africa and a tiny bit of Asia).

In this category the starters areas Ancona and Rome are described, but also the later areas which are part of the families.

For Brutii:

For Julii:

For Scipii:

Other world map areas which are non political centres (and thus possible to conquer by other players) are:

Lugdunum, Isca, Mogantiacum, Tylis, Pela, Athens, Sinope, Olbia, Trebizond, Nisa, Ancira, Antioch, Asaak, Seleucia.

World map farms which can be achieved (League host can start an attack on them; can be farmed 6 times per 24 hours, 3 days long (spring, summer, autumn)):

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