"Senatus level is actually your level. In Senatus you levy Silver, get Promoted and manage Vassals. Higher level Senatus enables higher level buidings in your city."

This is your main building. Because it is the largest building in your city it has a very long cooldown for upgrading. Some players only upgrade this building at night.


Opens the levy menu. Allows you to get silver for free every day. Only works if you have less then maximum amount of silver in your storeroom.It take 1 allegiance per levy and has a certain chance to give events which can increase Allegiance.


Opens the noble rank menu where you can check on your rank within a family. This appears only once you have joined a family.


Opens the vassals menu. This appears once you can conquer a vassal. (this is acquired only after you get 500 prestige in a family, so after senatus level 20)

Senatus upgrades
Senatus Level Notes
1 Get cottage #1, storeroom, armory
Get quest, govern, troop, armory and mail tab

Get cottage #2

3 Get war/ area tab
4 Get cottage #3
5 Get the World Tab
8 Get cottage #4
9 Max level until you defeat Spartacus and relocate your city.
10 Get granary
11 Get university
Get the technology tab (at the govern tab)
12 Get market
14 Get cottage #5
15 Get barracks
16 Troops need to be replenished from this point on.
18 Get cottage #6
20 Max level untill you defeat Rome. You must relocate to go higher.
21 You get to pick a family. You can accumulate prestige.
Get noble rank tab (at the govern tab).
22 Get cottage #7
25 Get scriptorium
30 Get entrustment. Must have a level 21 armory.
Max level until Gaul is defeated and you move to a level 40 area.
31 Get cottage #8
35 Start consuming bugles when you are defeated by an enemy.

You can complete daily quests.

Max level until Germania is defeated and you relocate to a level 60 area.
41 Get vomitorium
Get commerce tab. (at the govern tab)
Can start doing daily quests
Get daily quests tab. (at the quest tab)
45 Get cottage #8
48 Get cottage #9
51 Get cottage #10
Each day, get one free entrustment at armory
60 Max. level until Hannibal is defeated and you move to a level 80 area.
80 Max level until pontus is cleared and move up to level 120 area
82 Get colosseum

Get Circus Maximus

110 Get amphitheatre,which helps training ur heros faster
130 Max level for the game,and i hope u enjoyed it