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    Landed on a new wiki

    September 3, 2011 by WikiPim

    Hi guys and girls,

    I landed on this wiki as i had become bored with the previous game i played: Swords and Potions. But since i got admin at the wiki about that and lifted it to some heights, i thought i might as well add some of my knowledge to this wiki. Who knows what great info can be added here too.

    That said, i see that this wiki currently has 47 pages and i have taken the time to add some info to that already.

    I also found that quite a number of things are not very clear in this game. So it might very well be that the wiki will expand and become a great asset as it has become in S&P.

    Since i am fairly new at Senatry, it's likely that i get to learn a lot along the way. That means quite a few things will be added by me in the upcoming ti…

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